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Do you feel like you are stuck - would you like to surprise your partner, friend and loved ones; Samiane Ltd. is your answer to a new you and your loved one.

Give the gift of opportunity to your loved one this birthday, introduction, wedding, date or Mother’s Day. We offer a variety of experiences catered to any and all tastes. Looking for something creative? Wanting something more hands-on? We offer ceramics, textiles, Outfits, organize outings, deliver gifts, etc. We’ve got great fun and land our clients better opportunities on offer no matter what you or your gift recipient is into. Cooking classes make a fantastic birthday present and offer a fun and inspiring experience for those just starting out in the kitchen. Give a gift they’re sure to remember for years to come. Give the gift of experience.

  • We are trusted with fine taste and unique inventory. Most of all, we know how to pair people with the perfect gift for any occasion.

  • We are known for quality, variety selection service and value. We offer an array of well known brands and their exquisite collections for everyone and every occasion.

  • We are committed to providing thoughtful gifts and high quality products at affordable prices.

Ocassion Gifts

Everyone needs to get away from it all every now and then, and sometimes one day just is not enough. From the wedding gift of a romantic honeymoon to an awe-inspiring trip around the world, we have got great escapes for everyone. Whether your loved one enjoys exploring exotic destinations or relaxing a little closer to home, we’ve got a gift idea for you. Unwind on a beach holiday in the sun or explore beautiful landscapes. These relaxing trips make fantastic Christmas presents or birthday gifts for anyone who needs a little wonder in their lives – yourself included.

Christmas gifts

We know finding great Christmas gifts year after year is hard, so we have worked to make it easier, collecting various unforgettable opportunities and experiences all in one place. From wild adventures out to being pampered at the spa, creativity-infused.
We have got something for everybody on your Christmas list this year. Give them gifts they’ll remember for years to come. No, not another pair of socks. Give them the chance to experience the best that life has to offer.


Birthdays are awesome. Every year we have the chance to express how much we appreciate our friends and loved ones. By carefully choosing and wrapping a birthday present, we hope it is as unique as the gift recipient. Good presents are chosen with thought, affection, and creativity. The best birthday gifts aren’t necessarily practical, are often unusual, and are always the ones remembered throughout the years. Whether she’s an adrenaline junkie, a foodie, or just loves lying in the lap of luxury, we’ve got a gift for her! There’s something for every special lady in your life to be found among our amazing experience! Light up her life with the gift of a lifetime – she’ll love you for it!

Kid's gifts

Kids change so quickly – Bears may have been a great idea last year, but this year she has moved on to modeling! Give them a gift they will never forget with one of our unbelievable experience. From movies for the fanatics amongst your nieces and nephews to the chance to record a song for your favorite aspiring music star, they’ll love the opportunity to try something new. Pack their special day with entertainment and adventure this year. They’ll love bragging to all their friends about the fantastic, fun gift you gave them – there is no higher praise than that, coming from a kid!

Gift for woman or wife

Flowers and chocolate may be standard and safe, but don’t you think the women in your life deserve more? Give her something she is more likely to remember! We have got great gifts for every occasion, whether she is a new mum in need of some relaxation at the spa, a thrill-seeking sister who would try out bungee jumping, or a wonderful wife who loves a fancy meal. These experiences make great gifts for women whatever their relation to you. Keep yourself out of the dog house for another year with one of our fabulous surprise!

Gift for girlfriend or boyfriend

Desperate to impress the girls in your life? Whether they’re girlfriends, friends, daughters, or sisters, you’ve got to work hard to find a memorable gift. If she is more into hats than helmets, she might like a personal shopper for the day or the chance to model for the camera at a photo shoot. Flowers might be nice now and then, but if you really want to wow her, give her an experience she will never forget with one of our awe-inspiring experiences!

Personalised Gifts

Sometimes a personal touch is needed to make a gift truly unique. If you’ve got a singer in the family, she would love the opportunity to record a song. Someone who loves clothes but doesn’t quite know what to do with themselves in a huge department store will always remember the year they got a personal shopper (Discover which fabrics, textures and prints are best for them.) as a birthday present – perfect for girls who are impossible to buy for. Photo shoots make great gifts for kids who love posing; while you’re at it, why not throw in a goat roast or buy a car, smart phone? These gifts will be unforgettable – just like the person who gave them!